qiongzhongQiongzhong (Yinggen) is situated between Tongzha and Wuzhi Mountain. Along the way, try and get your driver to stop at the numerous viewing platforms to take in (and a photo of), the spectacular 984 ft. Baihua Waterfall, which is said to be possessed by Li goddesses. There is a lively and fun market in Qiongzhong itself, a great place to pick up some of the local specialties. This small town, although pretty scruffy oozes with atmosphere and is extremely lively and noisy. To the east of the town is a small deer farm where the Hainan red deer is bred. The farm is open to the public (daily 9am-4pm) and the best way to get there is to take a taxi from Qiongzhong.

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How to get there:
Qiongzhong is located just off the Haikou-Sanya highway that runs across the center of the island. A non stop bus to Haikou takes two and a half hours, and the slower bus takes 3 hours. Buses also run from Qiongzhong to Sanya twice a day, the trip takes slightly over three hours.

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